Ex-council member June Boyd again goes to bankruptcy court

By Joshua Benton
Blade Staff Writer

Page 14B

June Boyd, the former Toledo council member whose political career has been plagued with financial problems, has filed for bankruptcy for the second time.

Ms. Boyd, who represented District 1 on council from 1993 to 1997, made the filing in federal court on Tuesday. She reported assets of $1,250 and debts of more than $62,000. Among her debts: $21,697 in unpaid taxes, $2,169 in phone bills, and $550 for car rental.

Ms. Boyd said she was “forced to file” for bankruptcy because of bills resulting from a 1996 auto accident. She also filed for bankruptcy in 1988.

She, along with Councilwoman Edna Brown, was the first black woman ever elected to city council. But Ms. Boyd’s term was haunted by financial problems. She has been the defendant in at least 17 civil lawsuits for nonpayment of debt.

Two years ago, she bounced a check meant to pay for her personal mortgage. The check was drawn from her campaign checking account, which state ethics officials said is not allowed.

In 1997, Ms. Boyd was not endorsed by the Lucas County Democratic Party, despite being active in the party for nearly 40 years. She lost her bid for re-election to then-Toledo Public Schools board member Wilma Brown.

In November, Ms. Boyd was hired by the city of Toledo as an administrative specialist in the city’s affirmative action department. Her salary there is $35,000 a year. Working at the job for two years will qualify her for a full state pension.

She is heading the drive to create a Toledo Museum of African-American History.