Mastering the art of control

Gov. Rick Perry’s not giving up on this session.

Speaking in an interview with TXCN on Thursday, Mr. Perry said “it’s important that we continue to be optimistic” that a school finance bill could be passed before the session ends next week.

“We’ve got a few very good hours left. … We’re still talking. As long as we’re talking, there’s progress.”

The Senate continues to tweak finance changes that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst hopes to pass shortly. But some lawmakers have said passage before the 30-day session ends is doubtful.

“The ball is basically in the Senate’s court,” Mr. Perry said. “They haven’t passed anything.”

On another matter, the governor said he has a “thick skin” and is not bothered by the House’s 126-0 rejection of his revenue plan. “I continue to tell members, ‘Come up with something better,'” he said.

–Joshua Benton