$1.5 billion is a lotta loot for most folks

Monday, August 13, 2001
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$1.5 billion is a lotta loot for most folks

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has put a tentative price tag on his dream stadium complex: up to $1.5 billion. What else would that amount buy?

– Three current sports champions – the Baltimore Ravens, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers – with enough left to pay Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez for a year.

– An end to traffic: 287 bus rides for each of the 5.2 million people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

– Four years at a Texas state university for 101,000 children.

– Every house on Mockingbird Lane in Highland Park – 20 times over.

– Twenty Santiago Calatrava-designed bridges over the Trinity River.

– Roughly all the facilities improvements needed in Dallas schools.

– 292,000 face-lifts.

— Joshua Benton